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The whole of the London Control simulation system is driven by the data that defines the airspace, aircraft and other parameters that it uses. This is known as adaptation, because the data adapts the way in which the system behaves.

The HMI and system functionality is all highly adaptable, either through data files that are initialised at system start-up, or by user-modifiable parameters that can be changed at run-time.

The data supplied with each installation disk is up-to-date at the time of delivery.

It is possible to obtain new releases of the UK AIRAC data, which are published quarterly, to ensure that the simulation environment keeps in step with changes to the real air traffic control organisation. We call these LCData Updates.

If you would like information on how to create your own airspace and sectors for London Control, there is an Adaptation Guide available for download. Go to the Support page for more information.

Visit the Add-Ons page for information about data for other FIRs that are already available.

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