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Demonstrator and Sample Documents

Download the demo by clicking here.

This is a demonstration version of the software, which includes most of the functionality, two controllable sectors, and a time limit on each simulation session of 60 minutes. (See below for more detailed notes on what is, and isn't, in the demonstrator.)

The demo will download as a zip file containing the demo setup program. Save the zip file to your disk, open it and then either run setup.exe from there, or save it to the Temp directory and run it from there. The demo should install on all versions of Windows, from Windows 98 upwards.

You may also download cut-down versions of the User Guide and Sector Information Manual, by clicking here.

These documents require Adobe Reader 4.0 or later to be installed on your computer in order to view them. The latest version of Adobe Reader can be downloaded from the Adobe website by clicking on the Adobe button on this page.

This version of the user guide only includes sections relevant to the demonstrator, and is intended to be an indication of the depth of London Control's documentation rather than a complete user guide. There may be broken links within the document, but hopefully this will not detract from its usefulness.

The Sector Information Manual only contains details for the sectors simulated in the demonstration system (London Area Control Sector 13 and London Terminal Control Ockham Sector).

There are also some Tutorials available that introduce some of the the workings of air traffic control and the London Control software. Go to our Tutorials Page to download them or for more information.

The following is a more detailed list of features omitted from the London Control demonstrator. Although it is quite a long list, there is still plenty left to try out. It does indicate just how much there is in the proper system. Many of these omissions have simply been made to keep the size of the download within reasonable limits.

  • Voice recognition function.
  • Pilot radio communication.
  • Changing sector while the system is running.
  • Changing rate of traffic growth while the simulation is running.
  • Selection or deselection of radars.
  • Modification of Met conditions.
  • Input of new flight plans.
  • Modification of runways-in-use.
  • Saving or loading of user preferences or display settings.
  • Modification of advanced user preferences.
  • Simulation of uncontrolled traffic outside controlled airspace.
  • Run-time help.

In addition, the database of flight plans has been reduced, so there will not be so much variety in the traffic scenarios, and some of the maps have either been disabled or simplified.


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