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Latest: The August 2017 Update is now available for free download. Go to the News page for more information.

We have also introduced a special price of 12.00 for the full version of London Control. Plus VAT is no longer payable for software downloads to EU states. Go to the News page for more information.

London Control is an air traffic control simulation system for the personal computer.

It is an authentic, highly realistic simulation of the actual ATC system over England and Wales.

London Control delivers a level of sophistication not seen before in a personal air traffic control simulator. It includes advanced radar and flight data processing functions that have, until now, only been found in real-life ATC systems.

The simulator uses up-to-date, real-life airspace, the sectors and procedures used by real air traffic controllers, and real aircraft and their flight plans. It simulates all of the airspace controlled by the London (Swanwick) Centre and the Manchester area control sectors at Prestwick Centre.

London Control does not include gimmicks. It is air traffic control as it really is.

"...compelling and addictive...with the power to delight..." - PC Pilot

"...spellbindingly convincing..." - Aviation News

Read the full PC Pilot review here (reproduced by kind permission of PC Pilot magazine).

Click on News for more information, or Pricing for prices.

If you are interested in using the London Control software to support professional controller training, research and development or other related activities, please contact us at:


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