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Policy on Software Piracy

It is an unfortunate fact that anyone who publishes computer software nowadays becomes a victim of software piracy, and London Control is no exception. We have been aware of the problem ever since London Control was first released, and it is now so rife that we feel it necessary to say something.

Software piracy is theft. It is as plain and simple as that. Anyone who copies or lends the London Control software is stealing from us.

We have invested a lot of time and money in developing London Control, and everyone seems to agree that the software is excellent value for money and well supported. We must make sales to recoup that investment, and to allow us to continue to improve the product and develop new ones. Without that income the Company will perish, and so will everything that it provides.

It is a sad reflection on our society that if something is easy to steal then it is viewed as acceptable to do so.

It is all the more galling when people who clearly have not legitimately bought their copy of London Control then attempt to purchase updates or add-ons, or ask us for support in developing new FIRs. We will not support anyone who has stolen from us, or who aids and abets such theft.

If you are using a copy of London Control that was not bought legitimately from us, we urge you to purchase one now. Please go to our Buy Now page and make the purchase appropriate to your location.

If you have bought London Control from us but have copied or lent it to your friends, please desist from doing so and insist that your friends buy a legitimate copy from us.

Finally, if you do buy our software as a gift for someone else, please make sure you let us know who the recipient is. The favourite excuse we hear is, "It was given to me for my birthday". If we do not know who you are, we will not provide support or sell you updates or add-ons.

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