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Scottish Flight Information Region

Existing London Control users can download data for sectors in the Scottish FIR by clicking here.

This version has been updated to AIRAC 6/2009, courtesy of Dave Moss.

The data will download as a zip file. Save the zip file to a temporary folder, open it, save the program "Scottish.exe" to your hard drive and then run it. This will install the data in a new folder called "Scottish FIR", in the main London Control installation folder.

The Scottish data installs as a separate FIR. When you run London Control a window will appear offering you a choice of FIRs to simulate. Select an FIR from the drop-down list and press OK. The first time you run the Scottish FIR you will need to type in a user name and press Add User.

There is no sector help for the Scottish sectors, but details such as standing agreements and standard routings can be picked up from the data displayed during normal running. The Sector Information Manual has been updated to AIRAC 9/2008, and this is installed in the main London Control Help folder. It can also be downloaded by clicking here.

To uninstall the Scottish FIR data, simply delete the "Scottish FIR" folder, and all its sub-folders and files.

The Scottish FIR data requires version 1.1 or later of the London Control software.

If you have any problems with the installation or running of the Scottish sectors, please e-mail: support@londoncontrol.com


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