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London Control, fully updated to the latest AIRAC, is now available!

We have spent the past six months bringing the simulator up-to-date with the following:

  • West Airspace Development in the south-west implemented
  • Airways and waypoints amended, removed or replaced
  • Levels and adjacent sector coordination updated
  • DCT routings expanded
  • Sector dimensions and coordinates amended
  • Level bands for some sector blocks amended
  • SIDs and STARs amended, removed or replaced
  • Call radii and menu layouts repositioned
  • Flight plans added, bringing the total available traffic to in excess of 14,000
  • SRD and RAD compliance checked
  • Errors (over 4,000 at the first testing cycle!) manually corrected
  • Route terminators outside London Control airspace re-plotted
  • Trigraph-to-callsign links reprogrammed (this is an ongoing piece of work)

See the forum (https://forum.londoncontrol.com) for a more comprehensive report.

The sound system is the next major project that we are working on and further amendments to London Control will be published in conjunction with the AIRAC cycle.

We are a team of three who each has full-time vocational commitments aside from London Control. Whilst we strive to answer emails and forum posts when they are received, there may sometimes be a delay if we are engaged with other things. We respond to all correspondence (where we consider it is required) and appreciate your patience if occasionally there is a delay between receipt and reply.

Thank you for continuing to support London Control, and thanks to Dale McLoughlin for enabling us to continue the excellent work he started over twenty years ago.